Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jammie Time

One never knows where the inspiration for a new blog will come from.  Someone commented on my facebook status this morning and Bam there it was.  I wasn't thinking along those lines but it made sense.  And voila, here it is.  The story of my unfortunate pajama viewing.  Here's the set up....
David tells me that a friend of ours will be stopping by to get the equipment that was being stored in our basement.  He said, "He will be by at 8.  I left the side door unlocked for him."  David then gives me a kiss good bye and heads off to work at the firehouse.  Jeff and I get up around 8 and make our way downstairs.  I think to myself should I change out of my pj's? Or maybe just throw a bra on?  I stay in my pj's until Jeff's morning nap.  At which time I will shower and get dressed.   I don't get dressed before then.  Well sometimes I will get dressed but I am not showered.  So, I have this decision to make.  I decide nah.  Even if I am awake when he gets here, I won't see him.  If I go by the time that David said he should have come and gone already.  I will be giving Jeff breakfast or be busy doing something else.  He's going to go to the side door anyway, he won't even be in the house.  I'm all set.
Now plenty of people have seen me in my pajamas.  Today's pair was actually a matching set, unlike my usual mismatched pants and t-shirt.  Like I said plenty of people have seen my pajamas.  I have one friend that if we have breakfast together(at my house) I don't change out of my pj's.  I am that comfortable with her.  I have another friend that comes over for coffee and I am dressed but not showered.  I am that comfortable with her.  Truth is I like being in my pajamas.  They are comfortable and I am really not that vain that I have to change out of them if someone is coming by.  When we were doing all the work on our house and the painter or plasterer was here I was in my pj's.  We weren't paying them to judge me on my appearance.  And I wasn't going to change my routine just because they were here.  Back then(pre-Jeff) I would stay in my pj's until I had to get ready for work.  So that was about 1 in the afternoon.  Lots of pj lounging time.  I didn't go out if I had to work.  Of course I didn't get up until 10:30ish so time wise it really wasn't an issue. 
Today Jeff and I were up, breakfast was done, and we were watching Ellen.  It's after 9 now so I figured I was in the clear.  Until I checked the basement and saw that the equipment was still there.  I still thought we were good because he would go to the side door.  Jeff and I could wave from a window.  So we wouldn't be rude but we wouldn't have to chat face to face either.  Sounds like a good plan right?  Would have been a great plan if he hadn't rung the doorbell and I had to see him.  Like I said the pj's themselves weren't bad.  It was more that the t-shirt was kind of stretched out and maybe kind of thin-ish.  There I am, now holding Jeff because I don't want him to go down the stairs after our visitor.  Checking my shirt every 5 seconds to make sure that Jeff hasn't twisted it to the point where a boob will pop out.  Ok, so we all know its doubtful that one would "pop out" but one could definitely have been exposed.  That's when I realize that you can see the outline of my nipples clear as day through the t-shirt.  Now, I am trying to hold Jeff in a way that my boobs won't be exposed but that he is covering the offending bumps in my t-shirt.  All while trying to act and look natural.  Needless to say I think I may have failed.  It's bad enough that my hair was greasy,  un-brushed and in a sloppy ponytail.  Add the weird stance I was in and the t-shirt issues and we have a plain old disaster.  It will be a wonder if he looks me in the eye or speaks to me again.  Of course I will make sure I am fully clothed for the next encounter.  The lesson to be learned here is that all of this could have been avoided if........he just went to the side door.  Til next time......

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  1. Oh Mary-Beth.... Don't you love those kind of t-shirts!? Haha you're so funny. This reminded me of the time I had a big hole in my pjs near my bum and I didn't know until my mom was like YOU'RE NOT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR!!! oopps ;)