Saturday, May 14, 2011

About Last Night

I will keep this on the shorter side.  Of course that is always my intention and sometimes these blogs read like The Iliad.  So, Splash in Boston is your typical nightclub.  On a street with no parking and no garages close by so circling the block about 100 times is in your future if you go there.  One benefit is they have valet parking.  For about the same price as a garage so that is a plus.  Of course finding the valet is yet another challenge.  I guess one should expect such things when going to a club in town.  But when you haven't been in 8 years you kind of forget about these nuisances.  I seriously don't know how people do this weekend after weekend.
I went with my attitude of confidence is sexy and picked an outfit that I felt good in.  I will spare you the blow by blow accounting of my clothes.  I will say that I think I looked good and that's all that matters.  Oh and it doesn't hurt that I got complimented too.  We all like validation whether we admit to it or not.  Once you walk into Splash you are submerged into low level lighting and loud music.  It almost felt like a cave it was so dark.  Then add the fluorescent pink strip light along the floor and walking soon becomes a challenge. There was this one strip near a door and there was no step there but the light made it seem like there was, so every time I walked over the threshold I lifted my leg as if to step up.  Yup, I looked pretty darn funny. 
You can forget about having any kind of conversation.  That is unless you don't mind yelling and having your face pressed up against the other person's ear.  That gets old pretty quick.  Needless to say since I can't not talk my throat is a little sore today, and my voice just a tad on the scratchy side.  It definitely made it easy not to have to talk to anyone I didn't know.  There was a lot of head nodding and smiling going on.  You can only shout for so long.
The best part of the night was when I fell.  Remember the strip light description from before?  Yeah, well it doesn't help when the light is under the stair and you are stepping down.  So on my return trip from the ladies room I fell flat on my face.  Dark room+high heels= MB on the floor.  I have a nicely swollen ankle and bruised and scraped  foot today.  But don't worry the shoes are fine!  I made sure to check them out right away.  Priorities! 
All in all it was what I expected but it was fun.  Got to hang around with some friends and be a part of a surprise birthday party.  That was the reason we were going but I couldn't write about that yesterday.  I wasn't going to take any chances that I would be the reason the surprise was ruined.  I doubt my blog is that far reaching but I wasn't taking any chances.  Now that it is done I think it is fair to say it will be many more moons before I am back in a club.  I am more of a socialize in a well lighted quieter space kind of girl.  I'll leave the clubs to the cast from Jersey Shore and their groupies.

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