Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Could Always Be Worse

Today has been one of those "cram everything in" days for me.  For the most part it is self imposed chaos. I am the puppet and master it seems.  I knew the weather wasn't going to be stellar today so I decided that I would hit the grocery store after lunch.  Jeff and I trek up to our local Market Basket.  Most days I avoid that place like the plague but every now and again I will get a twinge of remorse that Stop-n-Shop indeed is expensive and will shop there instead.  Most days mb(market basket) makes me insane.  I literally become a crazy person.  It's like some instant transformation once I step through the doors.  There are so many reasons why it makes me crazy I will spare you the litany of complaints.  As I said sns(stop-n-shop) is more expensive, on average .50 to 1.00 dollar more per item.  It adds up.  Some days I don't care about the difference, I know that my mental well being is worth any amount so I throw caution to the wind and go to sns.  I felt I was in a pretty good head space today and decided to brave mb.  I have to say in the grand scheme of things it was a pretty uneventful trip. 
I had decided at lunch today to throw an impromptu dinner party so in addition to my list I had a couple of extra things to pick up.  Another 2 pieces of fish, an extra box of rice, a bigger package of green beans.  No big deal at all.  I enjoy cooking dinner to people who appreciate it.  These folks coming over tonight are super appreciative, even better than that they like simple foods.  So I make simple meals.  It's no fuss for me, they got a home cooked meal, and I get the pleasure of their company.  It's a win win all around. High Five!
Today I actually found a decent parking space which is in itself no small miracle.  Managed to get the cart cover on and Jeff in the cart and off we went.  The store had most of what I needed.  I should have known that if the parking gods were smiling at me today that the the stocking gods were on break.  To have everything come together probably would send me into shock, and then be unable to shop.  These stores aren't stupid.  I swear their philosophy is to give you almost everything you need to make you keep coming back.  What they don't know is that I am more than happy to shop elsewhere and do quite frequently.  I have 3 different stores that I do my grocery shopping at because they all carry things that the others don't.  And of course these "rare" items have become my favorites so I must have them.  See?  Self imposed chaos.  I don't mind, if I did then I wouldn't do it.  The great thing about mb is the stories I come home with from there.  My stepson Robert says I can't go there without a story and he is right.  But mom it's not my fault.  (just had to throw that in there).  Today as I was packing up the car and getting ready to leave a guy comes out of the car next to me and says, "I love those things on your car".  He was in the same model car as me but about 6 years older than mine.  Those things on my car are the running boards.  They go up and down when the doors open and close.  "I got to get those on mine" he exclaims.  I explain that they came with the car and I didn't put them on.  "Wow, those are dope!".  With that statement I don't think I need to explain the manner in which this guy was dressed or the tricked out condition of his vehicle.  As I said, always a story.
We get home and I unpack the groceries, see that I have an hour before nap time, and notice that the sun has come out.  Perfect opportunity to take a walk to the post office.  I have a package that I have been meaning to send to England.  Once we start the walk and the gale force winds kick up I am questioning my decision to walk to the post office.  I am saying to myself that I could have driven there and back by now.  But Jeff seems to be enjoying himself.  I just have to keep an eye on him though.  The last walk we went on he pitched his hat out of the stroller.  Of course I didn't notice this until we were almost home.  Of course after his nap I went out and found it.  To leave it would be wasteful and I really like that hat.  I bought it for him last year at York Beach, Maine.  And that's where that damn memory of mine gets in the way.  Most people would just say oh well, we will get another one.  But noooo, not me.  I have to find that hat!
Ok, so now Jeff is napping.  I have laundry going and I have 2 hours to spruce up the house and prep for dinner.  But I need a snack because the yogurt I had for lunch isn't quite doing it for me. I can hear you all saying why didn't you eat lunch?  Because I wasn't hungry then, duh!  So I leave you now to enjoy a nice piece of fruit, don't want to spoil my dinner, and to watch a little tv before I have to switch the laundry over.
Til next time :)

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