Monday, May 9, 2011

New Day New Way

Hey there fans and followers.  I have decided to start on a new track with my blog.  Seeing as how the title is seymour of my life I figured the way for you to do that would be to give you a daily dose so to speak.  Right now I wait until I get an idea that I figure will knock your socks off and be pretty darned funny before I sit down to tap it out on my keyboard.  There is nothing wrong with that philosophy except that it can hinder the pace at which I write.  What I figure is that I will try to give you a look into a typical day of mine.  Don't think that it will be a litany of "I did this, then I did that" and stop reading.  Fear not my friends it will be more like witty excerpts from a day in my life.  On this new track the blogs may not be as long as some of the previous ones have been, I mean I can't make stuff up just to fill space.  Of course I could but that would be defeating the purpose of my new venture.
Today's look into my day takes us on the assault my senses get while on my run with Jeff.  I typically like to run with headphones and music as stated before.  For some reason I feel like I cannot do this if I am pushing Jeff in his stroller.  My music is not that loud, I make sure that I can still hear the traffic around me, it would be dangerous both to my ears and possibly my life if it were to be too loud.  Even though Jeff is literally right in front of me at arms length, I mean I am pushing him in a stroller, I think if I am listening to my iPod that I won't hear him.  Ridiculous I know, but I figure it is growth on my part that I can even be out running and not have the music playing.  This is something that never would have occurred before.  This is the girl who would skip a run if her iPod wasn't charged.  I kid you not, some days any excuse will do.  So since there is no diversion for me I am acutely aware of my surroundings. 
Sometimes this is good and brightens the run, sometimes it is bad and makes me run faster to get away, and sometimes it is just down right puzzling.  I will give you a few examples from today's jaunt.  The assault can be on any of the senses but usually it is visual and olfactory.  Kind of hard to have your taste buds offended while out for a jog but stranger things have happened.  How do you know when you are wearing too much cologne?  When you are in a closed space, like a car, and people outside can smell you.  True story, happened to me just today.  I was the smeller not the wearer.  These two kids were in their car and as they drove by I could have sworn I was in the middle of perfumania at the mall.  Not what you want to have wafting in front of your nose when you are sucking wind and just trying to get home.  Then there was they smoking shirtless man sitting on his steps with his motorcycle parked on the sidewalk.  Double offense! Smoking as in cigarette, not as in hot.  So I have to wind around his bike while he sits there smoking with his pot belly hanging over his pants glaring at me.  You know he is just thinking she better not hit my bike with that thing.  My answer in my brain is maybe you shouldn't take up the whole sidewalk with your stupid motorcycle.  The sidewalk is after all a place for you to walk on the side of the street.  It is not a sidepark!  I'm in the right here, not you.  But I am in Lynn and I keep my mouth shut because you just never know.  Last but not least is the jokester who feels the need to comment as I pass by.  Today's installment of humor was provided by a kid who said, "Haha, your baby's winning".  Seriously if that is all you got I would prefer to pass by you in silence.  But silence is the last thing you get when out and about.  I don't mind the sounds of nature and life in general.  It's the uninvited noise that's gets ya every time.  We made it home and Jeff had his snack then went down for his nap.  I got a nice shower and now get to enjoy the lovely sound of silence.  In this case silence being the sound of the washing machine, my husband talking on the phone and the tv playing as I try to catch up on the shows on the dvr.  Maybe I should look up the definition of silence again.  Until next time :)

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