Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hold This and That

Went for a brisk walk with my little man this afternoon.  Brisk because of the gale force winds that seemed to be pushing us the whole way.  I knew it was windy before going out but it looked too nice to stay inside.  It was a very pleasant walk.  Perfect temperature, the wind didn't make you freeze and my little guy got to see all of his favorite sights on the way.  Thank you bus, ambulance and motorcycles for driving by us.
For dinner tonight is pizza.  I didn't feel the great urge to cook today so takeout it is.  I like to have a salad with pizza.  I feel like the roughage balances out the dough and cheese.  Lately I have resumes my love affair with greek salads.  Of course I can't just order the salad.  I have to say hold the olives and the onions.  I have never liked olives(texture issues) and onions can either agree or disagree with me and I usually don't have a say in the matter.  Some places all I get is lettuce and feta cheese.  Great salad you're thinking right?  But some places throw in a couple cucumber wedges and maybe a stray tomato.  If its a really fancy place they throw a pepperoncini on top.  Of course I don't eat those either.  Most times its lettuce and feta.  What I really like is the dressing.  If its a creamy greek dressing I am in heaven, the oil based ones are just plain gross.  I will avoid ordering whole establishments if they only offer their "house" dressing and its oil.  So, the moral of the story is I get a salad to balance the dough and cheese and end up eating lettuce and cheese with dressing on top.  Hmmm, I sense an oxymoron there.  Yup, welcome to my world.  Hold the sarcasm.  Until next time......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Has It Really Been That Long??

Hey there!  According to the records of this blog I haven't posted since July!  Has it really been that long?  I guess facts don't lie.  Let me offer you my apologies and in the next breath tell you that I cannot promise consistency.  Not that my life is any more important or hectic than any one else's, but it is my life and I have the privilege of deciding how to spend my time.  Now don't get me wrong, I do love each and every one of you.  I am so grateful to all my followers for taking their time to read this.  But when its a toss up between spending time on the computer or spending time resting, I will most often choose resting.  Its really the only time of the day where I get to lie down and close my eyes.  As any mom of a toddler knows, this is vital to our sanity.  I promise to try harder and give all of you a small piece of entertainment in your day.
So rainy days make me want to bake.  This is my prime baking time of year.  It warms the kitchen and fills the house with such delightful aromas.  The issue is that I of course only bake what I like.  And if I like it I want to eat it.  On a cold rainy day what is more comforting then a warm baked treat?  I try to organize my baking with David's schedule at the firehouse.  That way I can have a little taste and send the bulk of it off with him.  If only the weather would organize itself with his schedule too then there wouldn't be any conflict in that area of my life.  And who couldn't use a little less conflict in their lives?  Mine seems chock full lately.
So, I am proud to say that I resisted the urge to make the oatmeal cookies that I have been craving.  Since I still have apple crisp left from my last baking extravaganza.  The good news is that its almost dinner time and my oven will be occupied by the turkey meatloaf we are having for dinner.  If I am not going to bake the next best thing is warm yummy comfort food.  Of course this recipe calls for ground beef and I am switching that for ground turkey.  I really try to limit the amount of read meat we eat.  Since we had steak earlier this week tonight its turkey.  I am sure it will be fine.  And the ground turkey was on sale this week.  I am looking forward to it.  I have to admit my favorite part of meatloaf is making meatloaf sandwiches.  Yummy!!  I think cold meatloaf is better than hot.  But that's just me.
Well there it is folks.  My newest blog since July!  Nothing exciting, but let's face it, I am a stay at home mom to an almost 2 year old.  How exciting can my life really be?  There are some exciting installments coming soon.  Stay posted.  Until next time.....