Monday, May 16, 2011

Back In the Saddle

So, I take a day off from blogging and it feels like I have been gone a week.  I have the same "I gotta do this" feeling as I do when I take too long off from exercising.  Speaking of exercising I have transitioned to outdoor workouts.  Which is basically just another way for me to make excuses as to why I had been lax in the recent past.  Of course with our schizophrenic weather as of late being outside has provided to be a challenge.  This week will be terrible, rain and cool temps all week.  A double dose of despair for me.  I have been promising myself that I will do the new yoga dvd that I borrowed from a friend.  Key words there are been promising.  I have yet to do it.  But without being able to run outside I will have to suck it up and try the new dvd.  Tomorrow sounds like a great day for that.  So back to the "gotta do this" feeling, its not that I find blogging a chore.  Its just that I am tired today and all I can think about since putting Jeff down for his nap is lying on the couch.  Needless to say this will probably be a short blog.  Haha
For those of you wondering what I have been doing with my closet change over I will tell you this, it has not been a smooth transition this year.  The temperature has not been cooperating.  I unpacked all the spring/summer clothes and packed up all the fall/winter clothes.  I use the same rubbermaid bin which is why I have to first unpack it before I can repack it.  I moved the hanging clothes over and put all my fall winter/shoes away.  For some reason I have yet to commit to putting the spring/summer shoes in my closet.  They are just hanging out in their boxes in the spare room waiting to be moved.  For some reason I feel like I just can't do it yet.  Like if they are in my closet I should be wearing them.  If you had any doubt about the state of my mental well being that probably clued you in.  So, since it has been cool and wet and I refuse to go back into the spare room closet to get my warm shoes I have been wearing sneakers.  Not just sneakers silly, I have been pairing them with jeans and sweatshirts.  If I am feeling fancy I will wear a light cardigan and clogs with the jeans.  I keep my jeans out year round because you just never know when you will have a jeans day.  Of course I never wear them in the summer but it is helpful for when I am in fashion purgatory in the fall.  I really hate those times of year.  I can't help but feel frumpy, and I hate feeling frumpy.  Especially since I am a mom now.  Frumpy mom is the worst in my humble opinion.
Ok, I could go on and on but like I said I am in need of some rest and relaxation.  I am not one of those moms that just sits and watches their child play while I do something unimportant like check facebook. Ok sometimes I do but mostly I am interacting and playing with Jeff.  And it is exhausting being around a toddler all day.  Anyone who has spent sufficient time around one knows that to be true.  Anyway tomorrow I think I will talk about my happy place(meant to do that today but my thought process took me and therefore us in a different direction) and my new affinity for belts.  I'm only like 3 seasons behind.  Whatev.  Til next time :)

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