Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

So, today will be one of those random flight of idea blogs.  Basically a blog about nothing.  Which if I am honest is the basis of all of my blogs.  Sure some have a definite theme in them, but for the most part it's just my idea of the day.  Kind of like the show Seinfeld, which for those of you who don't know it, was a show about nothing.  Just stories from the lives of the four main characters.  And it was on for 9 years!  Here's hoping my blog has a semblance of that popularity.  I loved that show, it was on at 9pm on Thursday.  Known as part of NBC's Thursday night lineup.  There was Friends at 8, ER at 10 and those transient shows in the 8:30 and 9:30 time slots.  Shows like Caroline in the City.  Right, who remembers that one.  Seinfeld became popular when I was in college.  My friends and I would get together every Thursday night to watch the whole 3 hours of tv.  The only issue, if you want to classify it as an issue, was that we were all nursing majors.  Ok, no big deal so far.  Being a nursing major and watching tv had nothing in common.  But now factor in that all of our nursing exams were on Fridays.  Friday mornings to be exact.  Are you picking up what I'm putting down here?  Work with me people.  Favorite tv shows on Thursday nights, nursing exams on Friday mornings?  Ah, the collective sigh of recognition is deafening.  So, what to do what to do.  This was before DVRs and we were college students who did not have extra money to waste on blanks tapes for the vcr to record the shows.  So, we did what any self respecting fan would do.  We watched our favorite programs and studied in the half hours in between them.  Makes sense right?  I mean if we didn't know the material the night before the exam, would studying really help?  It's a wonder we graduated. 
I have the first 6 seasons of Seinfeld on dvd.  Recently I hinted rather unsublty to my husband that I wanted the last 3 seasons to complete the set.  I even put them in my Amazon wish list, which I pointed out as well.  What I got for an answer was, "If you want them, buy them."  Now, that is a pretty obvious statement.  Something I know I can and could do.  But I wanted to get them as a present.  Say for Christmas or as part of my birthday present.  I have to be careful here because my loving husband reads this blog.  So, I need to specify when I would like them.  Mother's Day is around the corner and I would not like to get Seinfeld dvd's as my gift.  But he might only hear I want Seinfeld dvd's and think Mother's Day is a great time to get them.  Then think he is doing good because he remembered something that I wanted.  Ah, men!
 What I find so frustrating is that I can be a step behind.  You know when someone says something kind of snide and you are left standing there with your mouth open thinking how rude to then think of the best comeback ever only it's 10 minutes too late?  Yeah, that's me.  I have heard it called "stair wit" because you are witty as you are walking down the stairs.  Of course not every situation has stairs in it but you get the general premise.  I think it should be called "10 minutes too late wit".  I find that same frustration with this whole blogging thing.  I struggle with finding an idea that I think people would want to read about.  When I finally do come up with something, it's usually a flurry of ideas and I only end up catching some of them.  Kind of like trying to catch a swarm of butterflies in a net.  Sure you will catch a bunch but there will be some that get away.  Then as you are walking away, usually after you have packed up your net, you see some more butterflies.  But now you can't catch them.  Your net is packed up, and if you go about the process of unpacking it the butterflies would be gone.  See?  It's the 10 minutes too late thing back to bite you in the ass again.  Of course you practical people say you can just go back and edit the blog.  Input the wit and humor or sarcasm that you missed the first time. True.  But I post my blog right after I am done and then publish it to Facebook.  If I edited it I would have to publish it over and over again.  I doubt people would read it over and over again.  I am good, but not that good.  I mean I'm no Seinfeld. So some would see it and some wouldn't.  Then my loyal followers--all 9 of you---would miss the edited/funnier version if they read it right away, which I am sure that everyone does :).  I mean, who wouldn't right?  You're all chomping at the bit for my next installment. Oh, the inner self deprecating dialogue can be so tedious.
Just another thing to add to the list of "things to work on".  If the list gets any longer I might have to hire an assistant to help me with my self help.  Hee hee now that's funny..  And for once I'm right on time and not 10 minutes too late.

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  1. Well said! Plus I love any type of reference to Seinfeld ;)