Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the midnight hour

So, its midnight.  What are you doing? Sleeping?  Yeah, that would be the normal activity and even the desired activity for most.  Me?  Well, thanks for asking.  I have been watching my son on the video monitor.  I heard him stirring about in his crib so I push the button and the image of him in his bed magically pops on the screen.  He is sitting up in his crib putting his blanket over his head, I mean completely covering his head, and then lying back down.  Up, cover head, lie down.  Repeat times 20 minutes.  Every time I see the blanket covering his face my feet hit the floor to run to his room to remove it.  But then he would be up again, then back down.  So he and I are doing this weird dance in tandem, yet in separate rooms.  He's up, blanket is covering his head  then he's back down with the blanket over his face.  I am lying down, see his head covered, pop up, feet are on the floor and then he's back up so I lie down.  Because we all know, well all parents anyway,that if you get caught in your child's room the game is over. You can almost hear the Nintendo game go bloop bloop bloop, wah wah.  Yes, that is my best imitation and yes the original Nintendo was the last time I played a video game.  Who cares if you think I am dating myself admitting that.  If you have read any previous blogs (which of course I hope you have and I love you dearly for) I have told you how old I am.  The fact that I played super mario brothers should come as no breaking news.
So hear I am telling you all of this at midnight from the warm confines of my all time favorite place.  Wait for it........ my bed. Ahhhhh, love it! Yes, I downloaded the blogger app for my phone and I am glad that I did.  I may be crazy enough to blog at midnight but I am not crazy enough to get out of bed to do it. When inspiration strikes you just gotta roll with it.  I'm just happy that I can entertain all of you from wherever I may be.  Wherever I go, you go.  Haha
Now that I am up I may as well start planning breakfast.  Or maybe just go back to sleep and figure it out at a more human and reasonable hour.  Yawn, sleep wins every time.

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