Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bargain Shopper

Don't you just love a bargain?  You can thank me later for getting that jingle stuck in your head.  Seriously though, I hate paying full price and I will avoid it at all costs.  This was ingrained in me by my mother.  The queen of all bargain shoppers.  I only hope to be as good as her someday.  As an example of her awesomeness-- she called me the other day because she had bought my son a whole bunch of pants for $1 a piece.  I kid you not!!  That is how good she is folks.
So, as a bargain shopper I tend to shop at places that offer bargains.  Makes sense right?  I frequently shop at Marshalls.  Their shoe department is lovely :).  Especially now that they have re-designed it to be like a real shoe store.  You know, with the a display shoe on the top shelf and a row of boxes neatly stacked underneath.  It's pure heaven.  But at times it can be so infuriating.  The display shoe is there, the boxes neatly stacked are there, but there is only one shoe in the box.  Where is the other shoe?  In Marshalls it could be ANYWHERE.  I have spent more time than I care to admit looking for the rogue shoe.  Because it is of course in my size and the other half of the pair that I wish to purchase.  I experienced this just today.  I was in Marshalls yesterday and tried on a pair of shoes.  They were super cute and comfortable.  So, a no-brainer to purchase right?  Well, then my alter ego known as "Do you really need that" pops up and tells me that I really don't need the nude sling back pumps.  So, I leave without them.  Only to get home and realize they match the new dress I got perfectly.  I have to go back and get them.  It's as important as breathing.  I return to Marshalls( a different one than yesterday) and experience the rogue shoe scenario.  I was triumphant in my search, just in case you were breathless anticipating the outcome of the story.  The shoes are mine!
As much as I love a bargain, most times I do not have the patience to sift and sort through racks.  That I did not get from my mother.  I swear that is one of her favorite activities.  It drove me nuts as a kid.  A simple errand with her could morph into an afternoon. Most times when I shop I have a specific idea of what I am looking for and need.  Searching through racks of mismatched items with hangers that tell you one size while the actual clothing tells you another is not fun for me.  I was like this before I had Jeff.  It's only gotten worse since.  I prefer to shop the sale racks at my favorite stores.  That is so much more conducive to my method of shopping.  What is even better is online shopping.
There is my little slice of heaven.  Not only can you find what you need, it is all neatly categorized for you.  Quick in and quick out.  The selection is incredible too.  I mean I walked into Marshalls today and there were three racks in the front of the store of girls Easter dresses.  I expected to see at least one rack of little suits for boys.  There was NOTHING there.  Tucked in the back of the store near the 2 rows of boys shoes there was 1 teeny tiny rack of boys suits.  You don't see that online.  There is equal web space for both boys and girls.  That's a huge pet peeve for me.  Little boys can look good too, not just little girls.  I like to dress Jeff up in dapper clothes and have him look so darn handsome I could cry.  Little boys are cute too!
Anyway, the online sales are phenomenal.  The two big questions I get are 1) how do you know what size to get? and 2) don't you mind paying shipping?  Size is an easy one.  I don't take chances.  I buy from stores that I know what size I am and Jeff is easy too.  If he is outgrowing one size, just get the next one up.  As for shipping most stores waive that fee if you spend enough, and if you have to pay shipping the amount you saved is worth it.  I mean if you can save 50% off the already reduced prices, is paying $5 for shipping that big of a deal?  Ummmm, no.  Besides getting packages delivered to your house is fun.  It's like getting presents. 
Yes, you do not get the instant gratification of walking out of the store with your bags with online shopping.  But if I can save myself the hassle of dealing with other shoppers not to mention the attitude of the cashiers and waiting in lines, online shopping wins every single time.

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