Monday, March 21, 2011

Insight Into My Kind of Crazy

I have been struggling with a blog topic today. I have started a new blog twice and deleted it both times, feeling that it was somehow lacking. Lacking in what exactly? I don't know, pizzazz, humor, the fabulousness you have come to know as me?
The question is how do I make the blog witty and humorous when in fact I am not feeling neither witty nor humorous? The answer is obviously to stay true to myself and blog in the mood of the day. I mean a multi-faceted blog must be better than a one dimensional one, right? But then I think that everyone likes funny, and are probably reading my blog to get a much needed dose of humor in their day. But forced humor will come across as fake, and everyone can see fake from a mile away. There my friends is just a small glimpse into the craziness known as my brain. I can take a simple topic and twist and contort it into something unrecognizable. Not an attribute of mine that I am proud of. That is definitely on the list of "things to work on" in the list of self help.
I saw a clip today of Eva Longoria talking about life after her divorce. And her words of wisdom were to "participate in life". Do we really need a celebrity post multi-million dollar settlement to talk about participating in life? I mean this is the same person who threw herself 3 different birthday parties. The key words in that sentence were threw herself! Honestly? With all the craziness that the world has seen lately, why is she even news worthy?
So, this may not be my Mona Lisa of blogs. But it is me. I am not one dimensional, you can ask my husband about the craziness that is my mind at times. But don't because then he might get some smart idea about blogging, and that would mean I would be struggling to come up with topics for 2 blogs. Haha.
To quote the wise Popeye "I am what I am". And honestly I wouldn't change a thing. And if you believe that I got a bridge I could sell ya real cheap. There are a few things I would not necessarily change but tweak a little bit. And if we are all honest I bet we could all say the same thing. I mean we are all works in progress. Progress requires forward movement and the ability to adapt. I am progressing, so therefore adapting. Whether I want to or not. Life goes on with or without you. So, join the party.

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