Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something to Talk About

Today I thought I would freestyle a little bit.  Have a conversation with my readers.  Albeit a one sided conversation but let's be honest, I am sure we have all suffered through our fair share of those.  So, what's one more right?  At least this one will be entertaining.  For me anyway.
So, what's new?  I really should be cleaning my house, but I got a good idea for my blog so here I am.  I cannot squelch my creativity.  When an idea hits you, ya just gotta roll with it.  And hope you can get it done fast enough so you can take a shower before Jeff's morning nap is done.  Taking a shower with Jeff awake and I am alone is not an easy task to accomplish.  It's not that he makes a mess or puts himself in dangerous situations.  Rather, he stands outside the shower screaming and crying until I am done.  That is the longest 5 minutes of my life(good thing I am short and there is not a lot to wash). It doesn't matter if I talk or sing his favorite silly songs.  Until he can see me, it's pure hell. 
So, back to the cleaning.  We have a guest coming to stay with us for a couple days.  A business associate of David's.  He is a really nice guy.  It's not that I mind having him come over, but I can get a little freaky when people come to visit.  I am a stay at home mom.  The key words of that phrase being stay at home, therefore my home should be immaculate(insert laughter here).  The most important word of that phrase is mom.  So, immaculate and home together in one sentence is an oxymoron.  I keep the house tidy and clean for my standards.  Everyone has their own level of cleanliness they like to maintain.  Anyway, I digress so I am trying to get the house "guest clean" which is different than my everyday clean.  The funny thing is I bet he won't even notice or care.  That's just how guys are. But to me it is important that the house be presentable.  That is one of my jobs being at home.  Of course it was also one of my jobs when I worked at the hospital too.  Hmmmm.  And yet I still sit here chatting with you.
I was driving yesterday and was behind a pretty beat up car with 2 girls in it.  My first observation was that the driver's side mirror was gone and that was probably illegal to drive like that.  But then I was distracted by seeing the 2 of them "car dancing".  You know when you groove in the car to an awesome song?  It immediately made me nostalgic for my younger years when my friends and I would do that.  Then it just made me nostalgic for being young and carefree.  Then it made me think of a funny story of the crazy things you did when you were young.  I'll give you a reader's digest synopsis of the intro to the story.  I went to college in Manchester, NH.  My junior year my bff Tiff lived off campus in an apartment with a couple of roommates.  It was the summer, maybe a few weeks before school started and Tiff was at the apartment already.  Her roommate invited us to go see her swim team performance thing in Swampscott, MA.  I lived in R.I. with my parents.  Hey, no judging---I was in college--just home for the summer.  Anyway, I drove from R.I. to NH to pick Tiff up to then drive to MA.  What the heck kind of crazy ass trip was that?  We listened to Alanis while riding in the big blue Oldsmobile, the blue bomber we called it, and it was one of the best trips of my life.  We got lost, horribly lost, but had so much fun.  That is probably something I would never do today.  That is way too much driving.  Who does these crazy things?  Umm, kids do.  Because to them it's about the adventure not the destination.  We lose some of that as we get older.
Another funny story is I was driving with a friend of mine the summer in between high school and the first year of college.  We were in my parents Oldsmobile Delta 88.  My parents loved their oldsmobiles.  Anyway, it was summer and the windows were down, the music was blaring and we were car dancing as if we were in a club.  Oblivious to the world around us when we came to a red light.  Still dancing, singing and laughing when something caught my eye.  I look over and there is my oldest brother driving the rescue for the fire department.  He looks over at me, gives me a little smile and just shakes his head.  That made us laugh even harder.  You could just see it in his face.  He was thinking you crazy kids.  And that is the part of youth that is wasted on the young.  Not to sound like an old lady, but it's the truth( not that I am an old lady).  That fearlessness and adventure dwindles as you get older.  There are a million and one excuses as to why, responsibilities, not enough time to be silly, and the one that is the most sad is that we forget.  We forget how to be carefree. 
Well, my carefree time is almost up.  I need to shower so I don't scare the other shoppers at Stop-n-Shop when Jeff and I go out to do our shopping for our guest.  Not only do I have to clean the house, but I need to feed him too!  Jeez, these men.
Been nice chatting.  Talk to you soon :)

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