Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Show Me Show Me Show Me

I am a big fan of a ton of Showtime's series.  I would probably be hooked on HBO's too, but I refuse to pay for all the movie channels.  What do I look like, Rockerfeller?  That was a saying I heard many many times growing up.  And it seemed to fit here so I used it.  As I was saying I enjoy watching most of the series that Showtime offers, and occasionally one or two on Starz.  I sense your confusion because I just said I'm not Rockerfeller.  Don't fret my pet, Starz and Showtime are a package deal.  The only series I ever watched on Starz was Spartacus and that is only because David watched it.  Now let me just tell you that if you haven't seen it, watcher beware!  There is more blood, boobs and craziness than a Saturday night in downtown Lynn!  Jeff was an infant when we started watching this series and I made sure to never have him facing the tv when it was on.  Not that he could see it, it was really just that bad.  It was one of those shows that sucked you in, even though you were visibly cringing while watching it.
Now Nurse Jackie and Dexter are two of my favs on Showtime.  Being a nurse myself I originally took offense to Nurse Jacki's portrayal of my profession.  It only took and episode or two to get over that and just enjoy the pure insanity of the show.  I am sure there are some people out there that really are addicts and function quite well.  To me, the thought of that is just mind boggling.  This coming from the girl that sleeps for a half a day after taking a couple of percocet.  Purely for medicinal purposes, not to deal with my life on a day to day basis.  Although I have to admit that sometimes a valium or xanax would be nice.  Anywho, What the heck happened to this season?  We are about 3 episodes in and I am giving a two thumbs down Ebert.  The story line is just weak and seems to be crumbling.  I will persevere and watch on.  Only because nothing else is on right now.
Same with Dexter.  Last season was TERRIBLE!!!  Don't get me wrong, I do like Julia Stiles but her role on the show was odd to put it nicely.  The previous season ending with Dexter's wife being murdered in their bathtub was epic.  Where do you go from there David and I wondered.  Clearly to lame-town because that is the best way to describe it.  Of course we continued to watch hoping that the next week would get better.  Sadly, it only disappointed us week after week.  Indeed not getting better and leaving us with the comment after the finale of what the hell happened to Dexter?
The Big C was very entertaining.  One wouldn't think a show about cancer could be funny.  Because to state the most obvious thing ever is to say that cancer is not funny.  But this show made the focus about the character and not only the illness.  And she was funny.  The show was funny, kooky and sad all taking turns to amuse us.  I wonder of it will be picked up for another season.  Or if it will have the same fate as many of the shows I like.  You get one season to get hooked just to get the rug pulled out from underneath you when it gets canceled.  Of course I am not that up on current events so what usually happens is it takes me a good long while to realize that it hasn't come back on.  Then I have to reprogram the DVR.  It's not like I can actually stay awake for any of these shows.  They come on way too late.  Truth be told I can stay up, it's my hubby who is next to me that wants the tv turned off.  Anyway back to my litany of Showtime shows.
Last but not least is the newest kid on the block, Shameless.  Let's all take a minute and sing the chorus of I'll Be Loving You.  No?  Ok, we will soldier on.  Shameless is the most appropriate title for that show.  Yet it sucked me in like quick sand.  William H Macy is brilliant.  Although you do have to wonder what he was thinking taking this role.  The role of an alcoholic deadbeat dad to 6 kids.  The show kind of made you appreciate your life.  I am sure that wasn't their point but that's the effect it had on me.  I know the story lines are dramatized and exaggerated but these characters sure have some crap to deal with.  And I am sure that to some extent there are people out there that like them are adding water to the gallon of milk so there is enough for everyone's breakfast cereal.  Whatever feelings it instilled in me it kept me watching.
Now before any of you go judging me for watching too much tv, there is one important fact I must point out.  These shows don't all run at the same time.  They are all staggered which is how they get you to keep paying for the movie channels.  It surely isn't for the year or older movies that run on them.  But hey, I got to get my moneys worth.  If I'm paying then I'm watching.

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