Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ramble On

Ramble on and then on some more.  That seems to be the theme of my life lately.  I usually save the prattle for the inside my head chats that I have but sometimes the prattle just needs to escape.  And what better place for it than my blog.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term prattle, it is inane chatter, useless drivel, diarrhea of the mouth, and I am sure you get the point by now.
Went to lunch with my handsome hubby and adorable little boy today.  Jeff is always adorable and David is handsome today because he bought me some new clothes.  Ok, ok he is always handsome.  Just some days more than others, haha.  Anyway back to the lunch story.  We went to a restaurant at the mall that we frequent because we enjoy the food.  Why else would we frequent that restaurant?  See, the prattle has started from the get go.  Bet most of you are feeling badly for David right now.  Please don't.  He really only listens to about a third of what I say anyway.  He has long since filtered out the prattle I am prone to dispensing.  Back to the story....where was I?  Oh, yeah--lunch!  So I get my usual, David gets a sandwich different from his norm and Jeff gets a kids meal.  What else would he get, right?  From the first bite I am disappointed.  It's not very good, and definitely not up to its usual standards.  As I said in a previous blog, most times when I go to a restaurant I go there for a specific item and today was no exception to that rule.  I had been thinking about this sandwich since we decided to go to the mall.  The reason we went to the mall in the first place will follow.  After eating the sub-standard sandwich (we were paying for it--I had to eat it) I began the conversation with David of why it is so hard to complain to the waitress when the food is not good.  This has happened to me before and no matter how upset I am with the food, when she comes to the table and asks how everything is I will smile and say, "Good thanks."  Today was no different folks.  So after saying this to David I then say if the manager comes over I will tell him.  Then wouldn't you know it, like I summoned him with my mind the manager comes to the table.  He asks how everything was and I........ TELL HIM THE TRUTH!  He seemed genuinely acting upset by my disappointment and says to me, "The next time you come in ask for me and I will be sure that you have a good meal."  I say thank you and turn to David and say he won't remember me the next time I come in.  Again as if summoned by my mind he returns with a voucher for a free sandwich.  Nice gesture, but let me ask you this.  Why is it the restaurant gives you free food for a return visit when you complained about the food?  What makes them think you want to come back?  Common sense would dictate that they take the offending item off your bill.  Ah, but if the world worked in common sense then we would have nothing to complain about.  Or we would probably complain about the world making too much sense.
As I have mentioned before I tend to fixate on things.  Food, articles of clothing, level of gas in my car, etc.  Most of them for no good reason.  The gas thing has a logical explanation.  I ran out of gas once.  Yup, right outside a gas station.  Had to get out and ask someone to push my car up to the pump.  Needless to say I have a validated fear of running out of gas.  Thankfully my car now tells me how many miles I have until the tank is empty.  A very useful feature that I enjoy.  Anyway as I was saying I fixate on things.  So, I saw a pair of pants on that I thought might be nice.  Same line of pants that I currently wear but in a spring color.  So I decide that I won't buy them online.  I can give you any of the 4000 reasons I gave myself for not getting them but it is not important to the story.  I decided yesterday that I wanted the pants.  Now it is too late to order them online so I go to my nearest store.  Of course they don't have my size.  I say to myself it's not that important.  Did I forget to mention that I wanted these pants to wear on Easter?  I had just decided that they would be perfect.  The very pants I passed on before now became essential to my Easter outfit.  As my friend Tiffany said to me, "Easter outfit, what are you 5? Are you going to get a bonnet too?"  And as I told her, no--we are going out on Easter.  Back to the fixation of the pants.  Boy it's hard to follow my flight of ideas sometimes.  Hang in folks, we are approaching our destination.  I promise there is a point to the prattle.  Now I have a time crunch on my hands.  Thus starts the fixation with finding the pants.  With the price of gas as it is and having a toddler driving all over creation looking for them isn't the smartest option.  And by all over creation I mean the two malls near me.  I decide to call around looking for them.  Who am I kidding, I would have done that anyway.  I have a low tolerance for frustration.  I find a pair!  Yay!!!  Now comes the internal prattle of when do I go pick them up?  The store will hold them until closing the next day.  I am trying to decide if a Friday night at the mall will be worse than a rainy Saturday.  I guess you can figure out what I decided.  Good news is they were cheaper in the store then they were online so it was a definite win win for me.  And as an added bonus I got a few items at the Loft courtesy of that handsome hubby I mentioned.
We are going to a Greek Easter celebration tomorrow.  I have never been to one.  All I know is they roast a whole lamb--head and all.  My knowledge of greek celebrations is limited to the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I guess I will find out tomorrow how much of that movie is based in truth.  How does one dress for such an occasion?  I have issue with choosing clothing for such things.  I like to dress up and usually complain that I never have anywhere to go that requires more than a pair of jeans and a sweater.  But given the opportunity I over think the situation and put myself into a right tizzy.  Big surprise there right?  David has grown weary of "fashion show".  That is what I call it when I make him sit and look at every outfit I have thought of to wear.  Now he usually just says that one and he is done.  I have gotten smarter though, I make him give me a reason for his yes or no answer.  Hmmm, that could be why he has lost his desire to participate in this.  I have to say though, in my defense, to me there is nothing worse than feeling over or under dressed.  I don't have the confidence to pull it off.  I am not one of those ladies that struts into a room.  But if I like the way I look it helps put a little pep in my step.  I am a firm believer in the "If you look good you feel good" principle.  Of course who decides if you look good?  This is where it gets a bit fuzzy for me.
So, I have the new pants.  I am pretty sure I will wear them.  Pretty sure being the operative words in that sentence.  I have a new cardigan that would be cute with them and there are a pair of shoes that I love that would complement the outfit.  You all know how I feel about shoes.  Did I forget to mention that I always feel better in new clothes?  The catch is the clothes have to be bought at a good price or then I am wracked with guilt over the purchase.  And will return them to get the money back. See?  It is not easy to be me.  I think I have the outfit picked out.  I can relax right?  One would think yes, but alas I know myself all too well.  I know that I will over analyze the whole ordeal until I'm exhausted and practically mentally paralyzed.  Then the whole "look good, feel good" principle will be shot to hell.  But you never know.  The first outfit might be a winner and that will be all she wrote.  Good news is we don't have to be at "The Big Fat Greek Easter" until 2:30.  I have plenty of time to torture myself and by myself I mean me and David.  Happy and Blessed Easter everyone.


  1. Haha Mary-Beth, You never fail to entertain me. You're great! Keep it up girlfriend!

  2. Alright MaryBeth, as a prize for me reading this blog...make sure you post a picture of the whole outfit..Oh and Im sure you will look fabulous!

  3. Fashion show is still one of the corner stones of our relationship... honest??