Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And I Ran

Howdy my faithful viewers.  Good day to you all and here's hoping for an increase in numbers.  Be sure to tell your friends.  This blog is hot!  Or maybe just lukewarm at best--haha.
So, my Facebook post yesterday was about running.  It went something like this for those of you who missed it.  "Ah running in the spring.  The warmth of the sun on your face, the cool breeze rustling your hair, the stinging of your eyes as bugs land in them". I was telling the truth just with a little humor thrown in.  I thought of that posting as I was running with Jeff yesterday and a bug flew right in my eye.  It is not fun to have small insects land in your eyes when you are already sweating and trying not to ruin your full face of make-up.  I'm kidding folks.  I don't exercise with make-up.  I'm not a Real Housewife of Orange County for pete's sake.  Seriously though, I think the only thing worse than having bugs land in your eyes is having them fly down your throat as you are gasping for air.  That is a more accurate depiction of me running.  Five foot two woman red faced, sweating profusely and gasping for air while running and pushing a stroller. Nice image right?  If you are anywhere near my neighborhood you could be treated to that image for free!
I have always enjoyed running but at different levels at different times in my life.  I ran track in junior high and high school.  I was never fond of distances, preferring the shorter races and sprints.  I like to think I was pretty good at it.  The lack of medals and ribbons would say otherwise.  The point is I liked it and it was fun to socialize with the other runners and by other runners I mean the boys track team.  I didn't run much or at all in college.  My affinity for exercise would wax and wane, usually depending on my size.  Let's just say the "Freshman 15" had nothing on me.  I hit the cafeteria almost as hard as I hit the books.  So, eventually exercise became a case of "have to" more than "want to".  I digress, this isn't about my college weight woes.  It's about running.
I didn't run much after college until my divorce.  Which occurred 3 years after my marriage which occurred a year after graduation.  Running became fun again.  Mostly because I had a running partner, a girl I worked with at the hospital.  She would come pick me up and we would run down at the beach.  We did that at least 3 times a week.  That was a great summer/fall.  I never ran more than 4 miles but that was enough.  Enough to get a good sweat going and feel good.  I am not nor ever have been a winter runner.  You see those people dashing in and out of the street as they try to avoid the snow banks and icy sidewalks.  I mean you have to give those people credit.  It is pure insanity to be out there in those temperatures and dangerous conditions.  Not to mention it feels like you are breathing fire trying to breathe in that frigid air.  Yeah, no thanks.  Not for me. 
Over the years I continued my love hate relationship with running.  I discovered that I had asthma, which threw a little wrench in the works.  My periods of being able to be outside got shorter and shorter.  I have always preferred to run outside.  I fell head over heels with running again and decided to get a treadmill for my house.  Then I was able to still run when the weather prevented me from being outside.  That was a good time for me.  I would just get in the zone and be able to run for what seemed like forever.  It was really only an hour.  What do I look like, Forrest Gump?  My issue with treadmill running is that I need visual stimuli as a distraction.  Music just isn't enough.  That's why I like being outside.  The changing landscape and scenery.  Of course when I am outside I need the audio stimuli of music as a distraction, the scenery isn't enough.  I know, you're mumbling to yourselves "Jeez-she's never happy!".  Yup, that pretty much sums it up, haha.  When we moved my new house was not big enough to have the treadmill in my living room.  So, I quickly lost interest in running.  I just couldn't stare at a wall and run.  My desire to run would come and go, never staying more than a few weeks at a time.
So, here I am with spring upon us and temperatures climbing into my "acceptable running" zone.  I am looking to rekindle my relationship with my fickle friend running.  Once again I have a partner.  Of course I have to push him to get him to go with me, but hey, that's a minor inconvenience.  I'll suffer through it for the company.  I have to say that running while pushing a stroller is a challenge.  Even if it is a jogging stroller it is still challenging.  It is definitely not as easy as it looks. Especially when you are trying to get back into it.
I love the challenge of planning a course in my head then seeing if I can do it.  Once I get that course done, I plan a longer one.  And I just keep going until I have surpassed even my expectations of myself.  That is a great feeling.  Finding out that you are stronger then you think.  What a rush!  Now, if only I could get the weather to cooperate so I can continue this love affair.  I know our time is limited before our inevitable separation.  But I won't dwell on that. Now, it's the warmth of the sun on my face, the cool breeze rustling my hair and the bugs landing in my eyes and hopefully not down my throat.

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