Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Was That!

Hello my fans and followers.  Are you getting ready for the heat?  It's a coming.  Thankfully it will only be brutal for a couple days before it goes back to an acceptable hot.  I don't know how people survived before ac.  I guess you had to if you didn't know any better, right?
So, I skipped the grocery store yesterday and opted for a longer run.  What's nice is that I have made my route pass by the rehab David is working on so I get to say Hi on my way by.  What I may want to do is alter my route slightly on trash day.  Especially in this heat.  Wow, that is an unpleasant aroma to say the least.  Since I skipped the store yesterday, Jeff and I made the trek today.  I have had a hankering for steak tips on the grill so I needed to pick those up with some marinade.  We had to go today because we were out of milk.  Both skim and whole so neither of us could steal a little from the other to get by.  When I have a hankering for a particular food I usually envision a particular flavor.  Makes sense right?  So, I pondered the choices of marinade in front of me and made what I thought was a good choice.  The key word there being thought.  I got home, put all the perishables away and got out my Ziploc bag ready to marinate the steak tips.  It was a shock to me when I opened the bottle.  Thankfully I took a sniff out of it first before I dumped it into the bag.  WOW-- it smelled just awful!!  Not bad, awful.  Now I am in full panic mode because what am I going to do?  So, I call David and tell him I NEED his help.  That got his attention, haha.  I threw some ingredients into the Ziploc bag that David said to use and am hoping for the best.  I have been thinking about these steak tips for a few days now and I will be oh so disappointed if they don't taste like I am expecting them to.  How much does it suck though to buy a full bottle of marinade and now that you're just going to throw it out?  I can't return it because there is nothing wrong with it other than that its flavor doesn't appeal to me.  I hate wasting.  It really makes me crazy.
Other than the horrible bottle of marinade I bought my trip was otherwise uneventful.  There was your usual parade of crazies and old ladies googling over Jeff's blue eyes.  I tell you it is such a treat to get in and out of Market Basket in a timely fashion with no major snafoos.  Gotta love it.  I'll let you know how my slap dash marinade works out.  Til next time........

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