Friday, June 10, 2011

How Hard Is It?

Ok all of you pervs get your minds out of the gutter.  The title of this blog is in no way a reference to anything like that.  It is in fact a valid question.  One that I find myself asking several times a day.  Actually said more times than I can count today.  So, I am in the mood to gripe.  I certainly hope you are all in the mood to listen.
First, how hard is it to rearrange shelves at a store when the store is closed?  Seems like a simple fix right?  I was at Target today picking up some items on sale that we regularly use. Good time to pick up such things.  I'm so smart.  Jeff and I are maneuvering around the store gathering the items off my list when one of the items that I wanted was not where it is usually located.  Hmm, that's odd I think to myself.  It's usually right here.  Then I take a good look at my surroundings and realize nothing in that section is where it usually is.  So, I ask an associate where they put it.  Now, I have two bumbling idiots( I know that's kind of harsh but let's call a spade a spade) Looking around and scratching their heads.  Then they proceed to start looking through boxes while mumbling I know I saw it in here.  Finally to put them out of their misery I just ask when the shelves will be done so I can come back.  I get the exasperated look and the I have no idea response.  So, I ask are we talking about days here or what?  He says hopefully by tomorrow afternoon.  I walk away talking to Jeff like I always do when we are out and say to him, "Why can't they do this when the store is closed?"  A lady not too far from me voices her agreement.  It really is ridiculous when you think about it.
How hard is it to find kids sneakers that aren't incredibly overpriced?  I don't want to pay $40 for a pair of shoes that he will wear for a couple of months.  I also refuse to buy him any character sneakers.  I also refuse to buy him pieces of junk that look cute but will probably be bad for his feet.  I have been to so many stores looking for said sneakers only to leave each one with a growing sense of frustration.  It seems like every kid in a 5 mile radius of me is a size 6.  Either that or there was a sale and some extreme couponer bought every last pair.
How hard is it to let someone cross the street when they are IN A CROSSWALK?  This happens to me every time I am out for a walk or run with Jeff.  I am considerate enough to go out of my way to use them.  Foolishly thinking that it will protect me somehow.  It's like people speed up when they see you entering the crosswalk.  Like if they just go faster they will be able to avoid letting you cross.  Wtf people.  They are there to let people safely cross the street.  I usually end up yelling at them and then get the subsequent look.  Who cares if I look like a crazy person.  I am in the right on this one.  Isn't it always great when one side lets you cross but the other side doesn't want to?  Then you have one side glaring at the other.  You can just see their faces going "why are you letting her cross".  I got places to go.  Well, so do I people.  And I am the idiot standing there jogging in place while you debate over whether or not to do the right thing.  Which is the law by the way.
So, that's my how hard is it list for today.  Once again all you pervs stop snickering.  Eh, go ahead.  I knew what I was doing when I typed that title.  Til next time.........

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